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⏰In 2019, Digital Fashion emerged as the necessary upgrade of fashion design, spearheaded by the likes of TheFabricant, atacac and the now famous Virtue for Carlings campaign.

Unfortunately, they left consumers expecting for more engaging experiences they could play with, beyond slick images and videos offered by those collections created digitally.

Interactivity matters.

🎮👗Stylé has been created as the cross-over between fashion and what 3D does best: video games. Indeed, at Stylé we use the best tech from game development to allow consumers to play with virtual clothes.

As new content is created constantly by brands to maintain novelty fresh and attract consumers, we believe this is the future of fashion ✨

➡️Please take the time to explore further what we do and how we do it. As for why, we sincerely feel fashion would be much more fun if we were able to try out any cloth, any moment. This is possible using our own digital image and soon in our favourite virtual worlds, from Zoom to Fortnite. Be ready.

🗺In 2020, we also published this map of fashion tech startups using 3D. A 2021 update is on its way, please reach out to us to make sure you're being included!

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What we do

Using a brand 3D assets or digitising their physical collection, we're able to create a digital interactive experience for any device, any platform.

This can take the form of a virtual try-on in a retail space, dressing up a virtual influencer on the brand's own website, interacting with virtual mapping on e-commerce models or through an Instagram or a Snapchat filter...

Producing engaging, customised content with animated virtual clothes.

Using their silhouette, body shape, or measurements, the experience is customised to the consumer preferences, recreating lifelike movements of the garment according to its input.

Based on the above, we're able to deliver a web-based experience, an interactive streaming application, or a regular native mobile app. Please get in touch with us to access our demos.


How we do it

Using a brand 3D assets or digitising their physical collection, we're able to create a digital interactive experience for any device, any platform.

As a starting point, we're using physical items, 3D scans of physical items, or 3D items. With everything physical, we go through a digital replica phase where a high resolution copy of the item is made in a 3D software (for garments, this is usually CLO3D or Browzwear, maybe TIRA3D). When possible, the actual pattern of the garment is digitised or measurements are taken to reproduce the exact proportions of the garment digitally. To reproduce faithfully the fabrics used, an expert eye must pick the right digital texture. Alternatively, a fabric scanner can also be used.

All this digitisation process is usually done by the creative team of the brand, but Stylé designers can also take care of it.

From physical to interactive 3D items.

The obtained 3D item is already very useful: this is the kind of object that TheFabricant or INDG are using to do their wonderful CGI movies. From there, we create an optimised version of the garment, with a lower number of polygons and reduced texture size so that it's ready for real-time.

At that time, the garment is available for preview on a webpage:

In the final step, we must transform the static object into an animatable object!

Skinning will be used for animations and physics simulation will be applied to cloth, so that the final garment can be "worn" by an avatar or as an Augmented Reality filter.

Here is a simple example using a sample outfit from Chloé x Fusalp capsule collection:

Once ready, more details can be put into this model with simulated draping and of course, more advanced interactivity.

Here is a summary of all the steps we've just followed through:


Watch our demos

Beyond what we tried to explain about what we do, it's always nicer to try on (no pun intended) some interactive demo - and something much more explanatory!

If you follow us on LinkedIn, you might have seen that we released a digital experience from Chloé last December. Well, since not many people got to try it at that time, we're willing to give you access to it. In exchange, we'll just ask you for some feedback later on. Cool?
Please click this link to get access to the Chloé x Fusalp digital experience

Liked it? Do you think we can do even more interactive?
Actually, there's interactive streaming, the kind Balenciaga used for their Afterworld release. Wanna try that too? Use the contact form and we'll get you sorted.


Your digital fashion collections, animated online

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